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Welcome to Strictly Fitness!



Strictly Fitness provides personalized, enjoyable and affordable training to reach your personal goals. Weight loss and toning, injury rehabilitation, health and wellness…what’s important to you? Our mission is to tailor your sessions to provide an unsurpassed, goal oriented, effective, and unique experience.


Strictly Fitness believes that when fitness sessions are convenient, people have a much easier time making a commitment. What is convenient for you? Strictly Fitness offers training at a private gym in Petaluma or in-home training where we come to your home, office or designated place. Strictly Fitness is perfect for any age group or fitness level and specializes in muscle tone, weight loss, cardiovascular conditioning, injury prevention and nutrition. Train individually or with friends in a small group.

Small Group Training
One on One/Partner Training
In-Home Training
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Tel: 707-953-4333

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