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Be known by your name and personal goals, not your membership number




Get the most accountability and highest level of coaching on the days and times that are most convenient for you. In order to make sure you achieve success, nutrition coaching is included in all private and semi-private training sessions. Your program will be designed specifically around your body, your metabolism and your goals.



Do you live in San Francisco or the North Bay? Strictly Fitness offers in-home training where we come to your home, office, or designated place to provide you with education, workouts, and accountability.


No equipment at home? No problem-we bring everything. Bands, dumbbells, benches-anything that’s required for success!


Work? Kids? Time? When we come to you, kiss your excuses goodbye. Don’t let tomorrow get in the way!


Coming soon...

           WEIGHT LOSS


Weight loss is not easy and keeping the weight off is even more challenging. Work, family, stress, cravings, boredom, depression, “miracle” workouts and equipment, confusing and conflicting nutritional information from every source… there are many obstacles to overcome. Our job is to motivate and educate you, not just during your workouts, but to coach you to take the right actions outside of our sessions. We are here to hold you accountable so that you change your habits over time in order to establish a healthier lifestyle. You need to learn how to exercise and eat smart. Are you ready to lose weight the right way so that it is sustainable even when life gets in the way?

           MUSCLE TONE


When you look good, you feel good, simple as that. In many cases, weight isn’t an issue. The scale isn’t as important as how your clothes fit or how your arms and shoulders become more visibly toned. Lean muscle mass needs to go up and body fat mass needs to go down.


No worries, we are here to tweak your nutrition and exercise program to give you the toned, conditioned body that you deserve.

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